Join the movement to block Blackwater’s mercenary base

Carl Meyer: Saving Potrero from Blackwater

generic female cialis 10mg Watch this short Courage Campaign documentary highlighting the activism of Carl Meyer, a concerned citizen working to help the rural community of Potrero block Blackwater from building a mercenary base just a few miles from the California border.

As part of a local grassroots group called “Save Potrero,” Carl helped lead a historic recall election to replace the local Planning Board members who voted to approve Blackwater’s plans to acquire 824 acres of land in this sleepy rural corner of East San Diego County. Blackwater wants to build a mercenary training facility for 360 staff cialis buying and “students” on this land, consisting of 15 firing ranges, a helipad, and a heavy vehicle operator’s course covering the equivalent of 10 football fields.

Not only will Blackwater’s proposed paramilitary base disrupt the lives of its residents — it will also threaten the pristine natural habitat of the Round Potrero Valley, which includes part of Cleveland National Forest and is adjacent to the proposed Hauser Wilderness preserve. The regular detonation of firearms would be a risk both to the fire-prone landscape as escitalopram cost at walmart well as to the wildlife that currently calls that area home, including the golden eagle and the California condor. It would also increase traffic substantially, a primary concern to residents of this small town.

The battle to protect Potrero from Blackwater continues. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is now considering whether or not to approve Blackwater’s plans.¬†Thanks to Content SME we now have a website where we can take the fight to them to prevent this unwanted and destructive project.

The people of Potrero have done everything in their power to block Blackwater’s base. Now, they need your support. Please sign the pledge opposing Blackwater’s base today.¬†

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