nutella cake

Let’s say you have an event coming up for someone special and really want to do something a little extra to make a lasting impression for the important day. Then a novelty cake could be the answer. Novelty cakes are basically just edible cakes that are designed based on a theme for a specific occasion. They can literally be anything creative and everything yummy, which makes it so much fun! Everyone knows cakes are pretty much the main event of a celebration anyway. So why not make it something to remember by providing a novelty cake that will really steal the show and leave a lasting impression.


How to select the right novelty cake

Purple cakeFirst off, you have to choose a design. To choose a design, focus on the theme. Who or what is being celebrated?

If it’s a specific person, which is normally the case, then you need to really know them and what they like. If you are not close to them, get some information from someone that knows them well. If it’s a birthday then dig in to know the person and get creative. What’s their favorite brand, series, movie, items of clothing, hobby, color, animal, toy, flavor etc.? Children are usually a little easier than adults.

Is it an anniversary where 2 people are being celebrated? You can order a novelty cake that helps them celebrate their love or maybe something in reference to a romantic memory they share. That gesture would no doubt add a heartwarming touch to the celebration.

Events are a little easier to select a cake design for as they are specific to the theme. Events such as graduation parties, baby showers, weddings, company parties, New Year’s, holidays, and even divorce parties are fun and easier to select a theme for the novelty cake for.

Add a fun humorous touch to a Hen or buck party with an adult themed novelty cake. This will surely bring loads of laughter and memories to celebrate the occasion.

Choosing a cake designer

Once you have decided on your design it’s time to hire a cake designer. Cake designers are not only skilled pastry chefs but artists who have the art skills needed to bring your idea to life. Basically, they make art you can eat! You’ll want to choose someone who you have seen their previous work and have positive reviews.

Here are few things to keep in mind when ordering a novelty cake from a cake specialist:

  • Time – Determine the deadline by which you will need to have your cake completed. Order your cake well in advance. A good cake designer will have several booking so you’ll want to be sure you get a slot.
  • Budget – Quality art isn’t always cheap. Prepare your budget and talk it over with your cake designer. Factors such as time, amount of ingredients, difficulty of design will all play in factor in determining how much your cake will cost.
  • Communicate Vision– Be sure to clearly explain your design to the cake specialist. Photos for reference will always be helpful. Most of the time the cake designer will have a picture book for reference to choose designs from. Or if you really don’t want to put too much thought or time into it, you can choose a really good designer and give them full creative freedom with your order.


Sometimes a celebration calls for something a little more special than a regular round cake. With a well-designed novelty cake you’ll certainly bring on the smiles and make the celebration the most memorable one.