Interesting Ideas for wedding furniture

Probably one of the most overlooked and uninteresting facet of a wedding to most, your choice pof furniture will impact your guests a lot more than may be apparent at first. Their comfort and level of relaxation is quite literally on the line and choosing the correct furniture is always something that nobody relishes. But what if it were different? What if a piece of simple furniture for your wedding could spark a conversation and create a cherished memory in the hearts and minds of your guests? Well here are some examples that could realign your outlook on the issue. If your struggling to meet your needs, check out this provider of outdoor furniture and party hire.

Hay Bales:  A truly rustic and Tom Sawyer-esque selection for seating, these versatile and crowd pleasing selection can bring back memories of a time gone by. A time of community unity and joy at the union of two people in love. A nice solution for the ceremony, the meal or just as an informal hangout area for tired friends to reminisce about the happy couple. The drawbacks of this selection is in the cleaning and availability, both of which can be a bit of a logistical challenge. Better grab those brooms and bags!


Mismatched Dining Chairs: While this may seem counter intuitive of “organization” if you long for a more relaxed and informal feel to your wedding celebrations then this can be a great idea. Simply call your friends and ask them to “donate” a few chairs to the wedding day cause! try and ensure an interesting and visually pleasing selection of chairs. Think different shapes, colors and countries of origin.


Rustic Log ‘n Plank Benches:

These are more suitable for the ceremony and for communal dining, this simple to make and charming seating option would be easily put together by somebody  semi experienced in D.I.Y. While lacking slightly in comfort, they will save on your pocket and the striking and natural look of real unprocessed wood. For extra confort try providing small cushions on which your guests can sit if the experience is a little “too natural”.


Picnic Benches:

For a truly family friendly and unique solution to the sit down dinner furniture. These unassuming benches will instantly give the feel of a beloved family trip to the park or hike in the woods. What better way to relax friends and family by simulating some beloved childhood memory deep within their subconscious. Draw backs to this is again comfortability and the fact that most of them are one-piece items meaning that they can be slightly cumbersome to move. It also allows little flexibilty  in terms of people seated per table as the benches can generally only hold 3/4 on each side comfortably.

I hope this has been at least some help in finding the seating to compliment the wedding that you have dreamed about all of your life. After all, if your wedding isnt comfortable for your guests, then the thing causing the discomfort better be interesting otherwise the point could be considered moot.