Earth moving is a process designed to move large quantities of earth or rubble for civil engineering or building purposes. Earthmoving is an extremely difficult task and is only carried out by expert hands. Highly skilled professionals use special earthmoving equipment to carry out the various excavation tasks, such as digging and moving the earth. Different types of earthmoving equipment have their unique applications and used mainly for repairing, constructing, elevating, agriculture and demolition.

In this article, we go over some of various types of earth-moving equipment and what they are generally used for.

Earth Moving: what to expect

Once hired, earthmoving professional assists by using a large constructions vehicle, such as a bulldozer, for pushing or carrying excavated earth from place to place. Depending on the construction application, heavy equipment will be used in different ways and will help you to achieve your project as scheduled.

Generally Heavy equipment is divided into four major components:

  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Material handling
  • Construction Equipment

Common Types of Earth Moving Equipment and their uses

  • Excavators/ Mini excavators – most commonly used piece of earth moving equipment. Used for digging and moving earth.
    • Type of projects – Construction repair, demolition, elevating, and agriculture.
  • Road Roller – a machine that compresses the surface on which it’s rolled. Compresses asphalt, sand, gravel, and concrete in the construction and foundations of roads.
    • Type of projects – Creating driveways and roads.
  • Hydraulic Hammer – used as construction hammer and attached to excavator for more power, Used for breaking concrete structures or rocks.
    • Type of projects – Demolition works
  • Excavator Bucket – a bucket like to tool attached to heavy cranes or vehicles. Used in excavation to scoop out mud, dirt, rocks, and waste.
    • Type of projects – Pools and landscaping
  • Pile Driver – drives piles into soil, used in construction when building the foundation.
    • Type of projects – Construction

Crane – a lifting machine that lifts and moves heavy loads, primarily used to move construction waste and debris.

  • Type of projects – Construction and Demolition

Auger – a drilling tool that includes a rotating screw blade that acts as a screw conveyer, mostly used to dig holes for garden planting and holes.

  • Type of projects – Post hole digging and landscaping

Drilling Machine – a tool that drills holes and wells into the earth, used to drill water or oil wells.

  • Type of projects – Landscaping and pool digging

Post Hole Digger – a tool used to quickly and precisely dig smaller sized holes, usually for fence posts and poles.

  • Type of projects – Landscaping construction and farming

Hiring an Earth Moving Contractor

There are many other types of earthmoving equipment that can be used at your site. Every construction site will need to be analyzed by an earthmoving specialist to make sure the right heavy equipment is being used and their operation is being maximized.

If you located in Sydney area and still have more questions about your earth moving project, contact earthmoving contractors Sydney today. You’ll get a quote and assistance from highly skilled experts in the industry.