We all remember as a child wanting that one kind of candy more than any other in the store, we would think about it at school and crave it in our spare time. But did you know the kind of things that you find desirable about your candy may be based on the culture you come from?

Different cultures and groups of people find different kinds of flavors appealing to your own, so here we will explore the more unique candy offerings the world has to offer. For further reading please take a look at this online candy shop.


Salmaikki (Salted Licorice, Scandanavia)

Hailing from Scandinavia, this is a perfect example of what a culture views as a “candy”, Scandinavian people absolutely love the sharp contrast of the salt and the aromatic flavor of the licorice combined together to make a memorable sweet/savoury experience that will be hard to forget.


Tequila Lollipop (Mexico)

Mexico is a land famous for its unusual candy, from spicy chilli and tamarind coated jelly spaghetti to salted candy pellets, and still this stands out even amongst all that. Alcohol flavours are not ucommonly something you see incorporated into confectionary as it is often aimed at children. Although they are non-alcoholic, they do contain a 100% real mealworm traditionally served with the Mexican drink it is inspired from. Try at your own peril!

Wasabi KitKat (Japan)

Rare to find outside of Japan, and something of a collector’s item in some countries, this is definitely not a chocolate for the faint hearted. It incorporates real Wasabi (yes, wasabi, the nuclear green past that is normally enjoyed with Sushi) with the traditional KitKat which leaves for  a unique and spicy kick to an otherwise ordinary offering of chocolate and wafer.

Durian Candy (South East Asia)

Durian itself should need no explanation. Its strong and pungent aroma is notorious around the globe for it ability to repulse even the most hardened foodie. However its bark seems to be worse than its bite with a lot of people who try it saying once you get past the revolting smell (which can vary from rotting flesh and moldy onions, depending on who you ask) its actually very delicious and indeed a trip to any major South East Asian country will reveal stall upon stall hawking their smelly goods. Included within that is Durian Candy. Bring a nose peg.

Chocolate covered Crickets

A staple of many countrys around the world, but still an emerging food in the west, insects of all kinds have made their way from the garden right to your plate. Crickets being particularly prized as juicy and succulent, with a distinct crunchy texture. They can be served in a variety of styles but a lot of the times they are coated in chocolate or chocolate syrup, covered in sprinkles and sold to kids as a healthier alternative to pure candy due to the protein content.

A flavour of things to come

It dosent take much to expand your food horizons, maybe next time you past your local Asian food store, stop by and see if they sell Durian, or crickets. Chances are they may be the next big office snack!