Have an event on the horizobusn that requires moving a large group of attendees to and from different locations, but not really sure your options? When it comes to events, you want the attendees to enjoy themselves and go along for the ride, not have to worry about them driving their own vehicle and getting lost. Taxis can be too small, not to mention expensive when traveling long distances. So what can you do? The perfect solution to your transportation woes is to hire a minivan or bus service. Bus hire in Adelaide can accommodate transportation for any special occasion whether big or small.

And to give you a few ideas, in this article we will cover just some of the many types of events you can utilize a minibus and bus hire for… so keep reading!


Minibus Hire

A minibus is a passenger carrying motor vehicle that is designed to carry more people than a multi-purpose vehicle or minivan, but fewer people than a full-size bus. About ten to fifteen passengers is the standard. Here some events that would be perfect to utilize this service for.

  • Family trips – Have family visiting and want to go to a destination together? It could be a theme park, camping trip, or simply just traveling to explore another city. A minibus hire is a great way to get everyone together to share the experience, especially with family that you may not get to see very often.
  • Hen/Bucks Party’s – These are always such fun occasions! This celebration usually involves quite a bit of alcohol and transporting a large group to and from pubs and nightclubs. A minibus hire is perfect way to get everyone together to enjoy the fun.
  • Wine tours – Involves a lot of stop and go at different destinations. Hire a minibus to enjoy the drinking but free you from the burdens of driving and coordinating transportation.
  • Weddings – Perfect for the bride and bridesmaids to travel together on this special day.
  • Company outings – The company can book and expense the minibus hire instead of having employees make their own way to the event.

mini bus


Bus Hire

Need to move a large party of people comfortably and safely? A bus is a large motor vehicle that can carry from about 20-60 passengers and is great for long or short distances. Whether you need to move a group for a day excursion, school sporting event or night time celebration a bus hire is the way to go…

Here are a few examples of events you can hire a bus for.

  • Sporting events – When you need to move a large group of players for game night, a bus hire is perfect for all kinds of sporting events.
  • Wine tours – If you have a larger group a bus hire can be perfect for a wine tour occasion.
  • Seminars – Can be useful to transport a large amount of attendees to the seminar location

purple bus



As an event organizer the last thing you want to hassle with is coordinating amongst multiple vehicles to ensure everyone arrives safely at same the same time. Plus, when embarking on a special occasion the travel to the destination should be something that is experienced together. This is what makes a minibus and bus hire an excellent choice for transportation attendees.

Remember, if you are thinking about booking a minibus/bus hire service for your next event be sure to verify the driver licensing requirements and check about alcohol testing before the journey.

Bon Voyage!