Many of us spend countless hours on interior, and take pride in our living space—home. During fresh and beautiful spring and autumn, as well as warm and sunny hot summer days, it can be refreshing and re-energizing to step outside and enjoy the outdoor beautiful breeze. Outdoor time can be just as comfortable and inviting as the times you curl up in a couch with a cup of hot tea watching your favorite movies. All you need to do is several small adjustments that make your outdoor space functional and conformable. Imagine the extra time you can spend outdoor in the sun and fresh air, and the gathering with your families and friends. To make your outdoor space nice and great, there are basic things you need to do for maintenance, such as tree lopping, watering the plants and mowing your lawn. Read on to find out ideas for how to brighten your outdoor space after dark.

1.    Make Use of Good Lighting

You don’t want your beautiful backyard to go dead and unseen at nights. Your activities hours aren’t limited to day time either. At night, good and effective lighting can create romantic and cozy mood and vibe that you don’t get during the day. Night time can also be more comfortable and cooler for people who can’t handle the direct sunlight and heat during the day. Many of us know that we glow and look more attractive in adequate and good lighting, also the elements in your backyard can also fade into the shadows.

2.    Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of any home. If you create an outdoor kitchen, it will also become the heart of your outdoor space. Cooking is more fun and interesting when done outside hearing the birds singing, and the sun shines on your outdoor stove. Imagine the gathering with your families and friends on the weekend and everybody is contributing their help to a big delicious meal, nice right?

3.    Add a Fireplace

A great fireplace can instantly turn an ordinary place into a warm and inviting place. A fireplace is not limited to use during summer nights, it is also a nice winter feature. It is also easier for you to clean up after than an indoor fire place.

4.    Bring in Water Feature

You have fires, now you need water to complete a backyard. The fire brings warmth, the water brings cool tranquility. Fountain and pond are the common water features that people favor. Keeping some fish in a pond will also add a sense of lives to your backyard.

5.    Don’t Forget Your Living Room

An outdoor space doesn’t mean no social area. An outdoor living room with comfortable furniture will highlight your backyard, and motivate you to spend more time outside. A cozy sofa against the wall with beautiful plants around is great for a read with a cup of tea on a lazy and warm Sunday afternoon.