Investment opportunities are always in abundance, but choosing the right one can be difficult. If you are looking for the next big investment, you may want to continue reading this blog. Here are 3 of the best investment opportunities with the most potential in 2018.   


Many of you may have heard on the news about Bitcoin recently. It is one of the biggest talks of the town, and it is no surprise that Bitcoin has claimed the interest of investors.  

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is a growing platform for users to utilise a decentralised digital currency that is not governed by any bank. The reason why Bitcoin is one of the most interesting investment opportunities is because of its massive growth.   

This huge growth was due to the increase in popularity and adoption across the world. In 2017, Bitcoin has seen a 55% increase in transaction volume. Some of the other investment experts such as JP Morgan have high expectations for Bitcoin, expecting it to reach $55,000 within five years.  


Real Estate  

Real estate investment has always been an interesting opportunity for many people. Many of us at some point in time have considered real estate investment. It is one of the most popular forms of investing, and for good reason.  

The reason why it is popular is that it is effective and it generally offers a good return on investment. Today, it is possible for us to invest in real estate without having to become a landlord.

There are now opportunities for people to invest in real estate by using crowdfunding which allows them to become owners of a property along with other investors. Normally, the upfront sum required to get started is $1,000. The downside, however, if you have very little control on what happens to the property in terms of how it is managed, and the profit you make from it will come from renting and selling the property after a set amount of time which is usually five years. 


Peer to Peer Lending 

This is another excellent opportunity for investors to start building their portfolio. Peer to peer lending has been growing in popularity. The idea behind this is to lend other people your money for a return of about 2 – 7 percent interest for safer loans, and more for riskier loans.  

The interest rate that borrowers pay is correspondent with their credit history. This allows investors to analyse the risks and invest accordingly. The better the credit history, the less interest they would pay to the investors due to the low risk.  

This is a simple yet effective concept that appeals to both the risky investors and the safer investors. Typically, the people who borrow through peer to peer lending platforms are people who want to pay off other high-interest loans such as credit cards. Other types of borrowers include those who simply want to go on a nice holiday and need some money to cover its expenses.  

We hope that you have enjoyed reading through our blog and found the information useful.