The Angler’s Paradise

cc , now that’s the life! Most anglers aspire to get out on the open water and try their hand at big game fishing. But what is it really like? What are the big game fish?

Well, that all depends on where you fish. Here in Australia there are so many possibile fishing options it is hard to list them all.  Whether it’s up in Cairns, over in Perth, or down in Port Lincoln, there are fantastic opportunities to experience the joys of open water fishing. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful fish that are out there:

Deep sea fishing

Black Marlin: This is what dreams are made of, and the best place to find them is off Australia’s Queensland coast. These amazing fish can grow up to  4.5 meters , and weigh up to 750 kg. There are many companies in and around Cairns which offer chartered trips specialising in marlin fishing.


Barramundi – Also known as the Asian Sea Bass, is a popular catch mostly found around the coast of Northern Australia. It’s both saltwater and freshwater, and can be found in waterways as well as coastal waters. This large silver scaled beauty can grow over 1.5 meters and weigh as much as 45 kg.


Yellowfin Tuna – There are several companies in and around Sydney which offer charters which cater for those interested in catching this magnificent fish. Growing up to 2 meters long and weighing in up to 200 kg this is a real giant of the seas.


Broadbill Swordfish – This highly migratory species is most commonly caught in Western Australia and New South Wales. However, it is becoming increasingly found off the coast of Tasmania. This iconic deep sea fish can reach quite an epic size with the largest recorded catch coming in at 4.55 meters and 650 kg.


Giant Trevally – Can be found for Perth to Sydney, especially in or near coral or rocky reefs.  A relatively large fish and cam come in at as much as 1.7 meters and 80 kg.


fishingThere are many other smaller varieties including Spanish mackerel, pink snapper, grouper, yellowtail kingfish, and bonefish.  The waters around Australia really are a paradise for anglers and there is a modern, sophisticated industry to cater for the needs of enthusiasts at every level. Companies like Anglers Choice based in Dundee Beach about 165 km southwest of Darwin offer  everything from a half day charter to two week, all inclusive, fishing holidays. Due to this upsurge in charter availability the popularity of Australia as a deep seas fishing playground has become a hot topic. Enthusiasts from as far as the USA and Europe regularly travel to the country to enjoy the fishing delights on offer, and with such a huge coastline the industry can always offer that exclusive, luxurious experience at a relatively inexpensive cost.  Maybe now is a great time to find your own personal fishing paradise.