What on earth are novelty cakes?

Novelty cakes are basically any cake that is designed to represent and celebrate a specific occasion or event. Novelty cakes can certainly be a fun and quite entertaining edition to any gathering. When art and baking are combined along with imagination, the possibilities are endless and let’s not forget… delicious.

If you would like to know more about the different types of novelty cakes and which events they are used for then keep reading.

Which events are suitable for Novelty Cakes?

  • NOVELTY BIRTHDAY CAKES – Adults and children alike will love a novelty birthday cake on their special day. Best choose something that you know they love and of course their favourite flavours and colours as well.
  • NOVELTY WEDDING CAKES – The centre piece of every wedding? The wedding cake of course! You’ll want to have a show stopper wedding cake that matches the colours and theme of the wedding. Usually the fancier and bigger, the better.
  • NOVELTY CORPORATE CAKES – Novelty corporate cakes should provide a tasty representation of your company, using your logo, colours or associated theme.
  • NOVELTY BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE CAKES – For this type of celebration, many decide to go with a humorous or ‘adult theme’. Something rated a little more than PG13 and often a design that pokes fun at the person, so everyone can have a good laugh.
  • NOVELTY SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES – This is where things get fun and creative. For any type of event, be it a celebration of success or personal achievement, a welcome home party, an anniversary, or even a divorce party, novelty cakes will certainly be the centre fold of the occasion.

Need some Novelty Cake ideas?

When it comes to novelty cakes selecting the perfect design is key, then comes the execution, and most importantly the pastry skills, to not only make the cake beautiful but delicious as well. It’s crucial to choose the flavoring and type of cake that will best suite the occasion, but that will also please the person that is being celebrated. For example if their favorite type of cake is red velvet, try to find a way to incorporate that into the design. When it comes to designs the possibilities are literally endless.

Below are examples of different types of novelty cake ideas:

  • TV Show/Movie themed
  • Favorite name brands, purses, shoes, etc.
  • Gardening
  • Beloved pets or animals
  • Cars/Trains
  • Various food items, bag of chips, hamburger etc.
  • Favorite hobbies; sewing machines, cameras, golf, basketball, etc.
  • Musical bands and instruments

How much can I expect to pay for a novelty cake?

Just like any custom designed project, the price is going to depend on a few different factors. For novelty cakes some of those factors include; time it takes to make the cake, ingredients required, how big and complex the design, how many flavors used, and how far away is the delivery.


Custom cakes are not just cakes. They are works of art that are central to the celebration. So when selecting a cake designer, make sure to choose someone whose work you have seen and has reputable reviews.

When imagination meets the kitchen, the ‘pies the limit’! J