Interesting Ideas for your summer garden party.

The summer gathering. An indispensible tool to bring family and friends together for a vertible festival of laughter, happiness and great food. But if you feel that the traditional “burnt sausages and warm beer” theme of last years summer is not for your this time around, then here are some suggestions that are easy and effective that can really help to spice up your summer get together.


The Drink.

In the words of the veritable P.G Woodehouse: “Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin.” and while overindulgance of any vitamin can make you unhealthy, theres no denying that it is surely good for the spirit to let your hair down with an exciting drink, here are a few examples of the more ambitious side of the spectrum when it comes to entertaining your guests:

Beverage station: A staple of all barbeques and outside gatherings, spice yours up with a clourful selection of drinks and an interesting variety of pitchers and containers.

Watermelon keg: This enticing and chilled container will not only impress but have your guests coming back time and time again, make sure you made enough!

Naughty Ice Tea: This adults only version of the ever popular thirst quencher will intrigue your guests and bring them to reminisce about past get togethers and summer jaunts.


You would think that this kind of consideration would be left exclusively to the planners of larger events. However this can also be a fun and exciting way to spice up even close knit family get togethers. I recommend checking out this link if you require further information on outdoor furniture party hire.

Bean bags: These fun and comfortable bags of styrofoam beads will create an easy going and relaxed enviroment for any small scale get together.

Floor mats: A staple of Asian family get togethers, these cheap and easy to find seating mats are sure to create a unified and family environment in which good conversation and good times will thrive.

Deck Chairs: This relaxed, beachfront style of seating is sure to lull your guests into gentle conversation and laid back antics as the relaxing feeling of being on a tropical beach on a paradise island abounds.


Now its time to jazz up your outside space and beautify it sufficiently for the presence of valued freinds and close family. Remove all the garden tools and accoutrements, store all bikes and children’s garden toys away to allow plenty of space. Then maybe review these suggestions for easy party decorations.

Chalkboard place mats and serving boards: These attractive and fun place mats with friends names written for ease of seating and the serving boards describing the food and what ingredients are used to make it will no doubt be a talking point for your friends to bond over. Aswell as play a number of different group games and activity after their original use has become redundant.

Cutlery Pouches: A stylish and in-vouge addition to any dining table will reserve a set of cutlery for all of your friends and add a classy, Micheline star feel to even the most humble of surroundings