teethWhile nobody like to have their teeth drilled, and that nobody is exactly thrilled to have to go to the dentists, you may be surprised to learn that quite frequently patients wind their dentist up no ends with their antics and remarks.  I think it’s fair to say that that dentists should be just as respected as any other medical professional, so maybe next time you go to get the pearly whites examined, follow this handy guide to ensure your dentist doesn’t cause you more pain than necessary.

  1. Brush your teeth!

Contrary to popular belief your dentist does want you to brush before you see him! Although you can’t   pull the wool over his eyes (e.g he knows when you haven’t brushed your teeth for 2 weeks) it’s much appreciated not to have to deal with the smell of your morning coffee and cigarette when examining you. He has many unpleasant jobs without you also making this one needlessly unpleasant.

  1. Go regularly and if you don’t, don’t expect miracles!

Following from the previous point, you dentist will know if you haven’t had a checkup since you were 18, so don’t try to lie. In fact it actually assists a dentist in his job by being honest and open with them. Do be aware however that often time leaving a checkup for this long may result in damage being done which cannot be reversed instantly and may require several session of treatment in order to put it right.

  1. Keep your opinions to yourself!

Surprisingly I’m pretty sure that every dentist in the world is aware that people do not like going to the dentist. Your dentist probably doesn’t like going to the dentist. It doesn’t mean you have to repeatedly iterate to his face that you don’t enjoy visiting the dentist. They know. Trust me, they know. And do you really want to annoy the person who’s responsible for drilling our your teeth?

  1. Yes they also know it hurts!

Surprisingly your dentist is also aware that putting a drill into the most sensitive bundle of nerves in your head is probably going to hurt. To make the procedure go as smoothly as possible your dentist would much prefer you to tell him to stop and maybe try another method of pain management than you make that “urrk” sound while the drill is in your mouth again. Although be aware while your dentiast wont mind you interrupting for cases of unbearable pain, be aware that dentistry procedures have a level of discomfort involved in most cases.

  1. Don’t pass your bad habits to your children!

If you wish to not brush your teeth and put not only your teeth but your overall health in jeopardy then that’s absolutely your decision. Your kids on the other hand have absolutely no input on who they learn their oral hygiene habits from and with tooth decay being one of the most common causes of childhood sickness they have every right to tell you that it’s your responsibility to make sure they brush appropriately.

Follow this guide and you shouldn’t have any problems at your next checkup. For more information then please be sure to check out perth dental clinic.