With today’s Technology capturing and sharing images has become easier than ever. But that doesn’t mean that getting great photos is as simple as just pushing a button. While it’s true that we can get a quick snapshot, it’s not as easy to get professional quality. When it comes to corporate photos, you don’t want to mess around with quality, as you want your clients to take you seriously. That’s where professionals come in.  Yeah it’s a little more expensive than using an amateur, but is hiring a professional photographer really worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring a corporate photographer for your office.

Why you should hire a Corporate Photographer for your office


Boost Employee Moral

People like to see themselves; moreover they like to see themselves looking good. Making the effort to document team efforts not only shows your employees you care, it builds community and makes employees feel like they belong. Often employees need headshots for their portfolios, email signatures, or company newsletter. Hiring one photographer to get the job done will ensure all photos are consistent and appear professional to clients.

A printed photo is a powerful thing.

A group photo is a perfect giveaway or room gift and it is an awesome opportunity for team-building as a reminder of time spent together networking and learning. It is forever, not just a blip on social media. A corporate photographer will craft a story through images; one that will make everyone see how well management regards them.

Professional Expertise

Have you ever noticed that the photos in a company’s annual report have a certain “look” about them? They are not glamorous, nor are they snapshots. They are not overly posed or flanked with props, nor are they without context. Everyone looks great without looking like they spent hours in hair and makeup. A corporate photographer has to be able to make people look stunning and create an interesting context all at your event. An experienced event photographer understands exactly what you are looking for.

Lasting Memories

Creating professionally made images of the major experiences of a corporate event is crucial to the documentation of a company’s history. It is also a spectacular way to feed your social media. Your social media presence encourages future participation by those who were not there.

Prints can be given out as a room gift or thank you on site or with a follow up letter post event extending the residual value of your function.

Photos can be displayed in:

  • Offices
  • Elevators
  • Hallways
  • Annual reports
  • Company yearbookscamera

Team members seeing images of them working together can add a professional edge to your brand.

Remember… that a photographer’s job isn’t just pressing the shutter button. They’re using a combination of lighting, posing and post-processing to make your vision a reality. They learn these techniques after years of trial and error. You’re hiring a photographer for their expertise — not their ability to push a button. Ready to book a corporate event photographer? Contact Brisbane corporate headshots for quotes and more information.