One of the beautiful things about owning your own home is the freedom you have to customise and decorate it as you see fit.  Whereas some rooms are designed with relaxing and comfort in mind, others are also required to have a strong degree of functionality to them.  Probably the most prominent of these is going to be your kitchen; it needs to be functional whilst at the same time being able to allow people to sit and eat, mingle and socialise and serve as a family room as well.  There are plenty of off the shelf products that will enable your kitchen to fulfill these purposes, but it falls to you to decide how you want to design your kitchen space.  However you choose to proceed, all kitchens will be customised and bespoke to the person and their home so  it is always worth taking the time to do a good amount of research beforehand and ensure that the high quality custom made kitchen you choose to have fitted to your home, is the one that really works for you.  When you are making your decisions, then why not consider some of these innovative features to give your kitchen a real edge and make it something truly special.

kitchen interior

Double oven tower

A nice simple one to start, having an oven in a tower has plenty of advantages of its own; it doesn’t require bending to ground level to use, it is safer for children and it is easier to use and clean for a start.  But making it a double over obviously increases your cooking capacity, so parties or family meals are that much easier to cater for.

kitchenCorner storage

Corner cupboards are the bane of most kitchens, they just seem to turn into an abyss where shopping goes to die.  So make them more functional by equipping them with storage carousels that rotate or extend outwards when the door is opened, giving you access to everything inside and ensuring that nothing is left behind.

Dishwasher drawer

If you have a particularly large kitchen, or a really small one for that matter, then adding to or replacing your standard dishwasher with a dishwasher drawer can be really handy.  They are very economical to run for small cleaning cycles as opposed to running a full sized machine, or can be really handy for just washing glasses so that all the grease and grime from normal dishes doesn’t cross contaminate.

Secondary sink

Having a secondary sink can be incredibly useful as it gives you a space to wash your vegetables whilst the main sink is handling dishes or you can always have a convenient space to get water from without having to worry about what’s happening with the main sink.  These are especially effective if you have a kitchen island or prep station away from the main sink area as it gives you plenty of flexibility and enables multiple people to work simultaneously in the kitchen without getting in each other’s way.