Are you in business? Are you running a startup company? Regardless what stage of business you are on, brand awareness is something you try to increase constantly. What is your business’s biggest problem? It is not money, either pricing or the market. It is your brand awareness. If I don’t know you, you have automatically lost my business. How someone would buy your products or services, invest in your company if they don’t know who you are? Growing a business is what every business owner wants, but how to get everybody to talk about your brand? It is a networking thing. You need to get people’s attention, and generate awareness, and repeat till people remember you. Then you have a chance at earning their business. Here I have 4 ways to increase your brand awareness.


Social Media1.    Take to Social Media

Social media platforms are popular and powerful tools for marketing. There are billions of users on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and snapchat, and they are free of charge. No business has no social media accounts these days as they are so powerful and effective. Stay active on social media and share relevant things to interest and engage with your audience and social circle. Do this with consistency, over time your following will grow. You can inspect and learn from how other big brands use social media to increase their brand awareness. Starbucks is the best performing brand on social media according to a research done by Hootsuite in December. It is not a bad idea to get some inspiration from them.


2.    Hold an Event

A live event is a great way to draw attention of clients and prospects regardless what type of business you are in. Seize every chance you have—launch a new product or promotion. A live event allows you the opportunity to have the real face time with your potential customers and prospects, and let them have a close chance to feel and look and spirit of your brand. Another way to get your brand seen a lot is to get promotional products. Give them out for free at the event. The promotional products would better be something useful in life, so when they need them each time they will see your brand. Promotional products are good reminders for a brand and great ways to increase brand awareness.


 Business3.    Join Forces with Other Business

No, you don’t join 2 companies together. I mean 2 companies that target same kind of customers can work together and launch a new product together. That way, you can attract the existing customers that the other brand has, and have a win-win result for both of you.


4.    Sponsor Something

Sponsorship is another proven and popular way to reach target audience and increase brand awareness. You can consider sponsor an event or product, but one thing that keep in mind that not every event or product is going to able to achieve the goal. You should choose to sponsor relevant events or products that can target the same kind of costumer for your brand.