yard officeThe advent of computers has allowed many of us to work from home, but I am sure some will agree that we are at our most productive when we do so in a designated work zone. A separate office on your property and away from the house is ideal. Experience the benefits of a home office just steps from your back door. Unlike a dedicated room within your home, a prefabricated home office provides a detached space away from the distractions of home. Your new commute across your yard provides both the separation necessary for focused work, but the convenience of working from home.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you may want to install a backyard office…

4 Reasons to Install a Backyard Office

  1. Privacy – Have full house or flatmates, or even kids? Consider your home office, If you’re trying to take care of business, having the TV, blasting, music playing, kids running around and people trying to talk you, are probably your worst enemies of being productive. With all of the distractions around it can be tricky to get stay on task. With a backyard office you’ll be far enough away from all the commotion on this house, but still close enough if needed.
  2. Work Flow – Having a space you utilize just for work and only work, creates a specific kind of energy. When you enter your backyard office you recognize that space is primarily just for taking care of what you need to. In that regard, you’ll be able to diligently work and focus on your tasks without other interruptions.
  3. Convenience – Save time traveling to cafes and workspaces that you have to buy a membership too. A backyard office allows you walk just a few seconds outside to your working space. Not to mention the time you save working faster without all the distractions from being inside.
  4. Closer to Nature – The power of nature is unparalleled, especially at work. Studies show that to be satisfied and productive at work, you need to have meaningful stimulation that interrupts the often-stagnant office environment. A backdoor office will allow you to be right out with nature but still enclosed in your office sanctuary.


Things to consider…

While building your own outside office space may seem like an achievable task, and certainly is, it can be really difficult for those without time, resources, or knowledge of building.

Certain districts have distinct regulations and require permits when building additional building on your property. However because of the size and purpose of backyard offices, they generally don’t require all the hassle.

All in all, the backyard studio is the ultimate in comfort and productivity. You can still collaborate with colleagues and take part in meetings online, manage your daily workload and enjoy a work/life balance that most people can only dream of but with the perfect level of separation from the hustle and bustle of home life. It’s the best of both worlds.